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Adfirmate - simply looking to bring like-minded people together. Not in the John Lennon political sense, although that would be a fine thing - but in the area of “Business”.

   We are what you need us to be - a consultant, a conduit, a facilitator or just a sounding board. In doing this we will use our combined experience and contacts to bring to the table a workable, viable solution, a business alternative if you like.

   We are not a “Dragon’s Den” - we’re not seeking to deplete your ownership in your own ideas - we can arrange introductions to investors, provide analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a proposition, suggest and arrange marketing opportunities that relate to that and take your business to a higher plain. It is our incentive to make you successful, without that, we will not be either, so lets work on this together - I feel a song coming on!




Adfirmate Limited

Duchess House,

18-19 Warren Street,

London W1T 5LR

tel +44 (0)7815292342

email enquiries@adfirmate.com